Data Foundry & SHI International Team Up to Bring the Cloud to Texas 1

Sep 6, 2012

Austin, TX – September 6, 2012 – Data Foundry announces today that SHI International, a global provider of information technology products and services, has begun its new Managed Private Cloud program at the Texas 1 data center. Through SHI’s new Managed Private Cloud (MPC) program, customers can move their virtualized applications into a private cloud environment hosted within Data Foundry’s facility, eliminating the substantial expenses associated with building and maintaining their own private cloud. Data Foundry’s Texas 1 data center will support this Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) initiative by providing a highly secure environment for SHI.

Offering industrial-grade vCores to customers on a subscription basis, SHI’s Managed Private Cloud is the fastest, most cost-effective method of accelerating to the cloud. The MPC combines an on-site, appliance-based approach with remote management that overcomes the challenges companies typically face in cloud adoption. SHI offers several different vCore configurations, sized to fit the number of Virtual Machines (VM) a customer needs by factoring in their potential growth rate. By providing the flexibility of a commercial-grade cloud platform with usage-based pricing and scalable VM capacity, this Managed Private Cloud approach offers easy acceleration to the cloud with minimal initial investment.

“Two of the major resistance points to cloud computing are security and availability,” states Richard Place, Lead Partner – Cloud Services at SHI. “It was imperative that SHI use a facility that provides peace of mind to our customers in those areas. The data center must implement the most up-to-date security policies and technologies, as well as provide a wide variety of networking options for flexibility and redundancy. We found all of that in Texas 1.”

Texas 1 is Data Foundry’s flagship, carrier-neutral 250,000 SF data center located in Austin, Texas. Powered by two independent substations and connected to over 17 fiber providers, Texas 1 is the most redundant, connected, and secure data center and disaster recovery solution available in Texas. A perfect fit for a Cloud environment.

Mark Noonan, VP of Sales at Data Foundry explains, “Texas 1 is the ideal location to initiate this partnership. As a highly secure and redundant data center, Texas 1 provides the network, storage and computing resources necessary to meet the demands of this ambitious service.”

SHI expects to place a number of MPC units in Data Foundry‘s Texas 1 data center as their customers continue to adopt cloud solutions. Texas 1 has the ability to support extremely dense deployments (up to 50 Kwh cabinets).

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