Data Foundry and Radware Host a Cyber Security Event

Jul 16, 2014 | Managed Services, News

Data Foundry and Radware held a Cyber Security dinner last week in the Loft Room at the beautiful Brenner’s on the Bayou in Houston TX. We are very appreciative of our partner Radware and all of our guests who attended. The informal and eye-opening event regarding the latest cyber security challenges facing enterprise businesses was well received by all who attended. Carl Herberger, VP of Security with Radware, answered questions and led an open dialogue with all attendees. It was a great evening filled with valuable conversations.

5 Highlights from Carl Herberger’s presentation:

  1. Businesses are currently under repeated attack and need to approach the situation like being in a war. The enemy is showing a variation in tactics with increasing levels of sophistication. Not five years ago the average attack was 1-2 types and lasted a few hours to about a day. Today the average number of methods that cyber attackers use has increased to seven and the average length of an attack is about 5 months. This has increased significantly as people become more reliant on things like smart devices, tablets, and smart phones.
  2. Attacks are not merely criminal sometimes they are ideological and even state sponsored (i.e., the military).
  3. The enemy trusts that we put our faith in the illusion of security as opposed to knowing where we are vulnerable (Illusion versus reality).
  4. Cyber attackers are developing ways through the gathering of intelligence to use our own defenses against us. The world is so open now out of necessity the idea of a true defensible perimeter is obsolete. We must be ready to deal with threats once they are beyond our defenses.
  5. They are already laying plans for tomorrow and show efforts of coordination with other groups who may not share the same agenda but desire to achieve the same end. The tactics may vary but the target never changes.

The best defense against cyber security attacks is to be prepared by having a mitigation solution in place. Data Foundry can help you be proactive and stay ahead of potential threats with our DDoS mitigation solution.

Michael Jordan – Data Center Technician with Data Foundry, welcoming attendees before the presentation and dinner.

Carl Herberger, VP of Security with Radware, starting his presentation on cyber security.

Wes Klaus, Director – Data Center Sales with Data Foundry, discussing the construction of our newest Houston Data Center, Houston 2.