Looking for San Antonio Data Centers? Try Austin

To be successful as a colocation facility, a data center needs to be in an area that offers dense fiber connectivity and diverse technology resources. For central Texas that leaves two choices: San Antonio and Austin. However, in spite of rapid economic growth, there aren’t many premier choices for colocation in San Antonio.

Dallas Risk Assessment

The Dallas area is not the ideal data center location for companies that don’t require a footprint in the area for business purposes. Some companies have determined Dallas colocation to be unsafe due to the high risk of natural disasters. Dallas is in a high-risk region known as Tornado Alley, and counties in the Dallas area rank as the riskiest for tornadoes in the state of Texas. Since 1957, Dallas has seen over 60 major tornadoes classified as F2 or higher. F2 tornadoes are ranked for causing considerable damage and have wind speeds up to 157 mph. In recent years, massive tornadoes have ripped through the Dallas area causing over $1 billion in damages per incident. Additionally, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) concluded that the risk for earthquakes in the Dallas area increased tenfold in 2016.

World Class Facilities with Room to Grow

Our Austin data centers are just a short drive from San Antonio, and they provide some of the best building infrastructure in the Texas colocation market. We have 300,000+ square feet of data center space and growing in the Austin area. Our purpose-built data centers support high performance computing, provide 24x7x365 support and concurrently maintainable power and cooling. There are also 16+ network carriers with blended bandwidth options for our customers to choose from.




Austin Data Centers

Data Foundry owns and operates three data centers in the Austin area: Data Foundry 01, Data Foundry 02 and Data Foundry 00. To learn more about these individual facilities, go to our Austin data centers page.

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