Why Outsource Your Data Center?

There are many advantages to data center outsourcing. For one, companies that outsource enjoy lower capital expenses. They don't have to purchase expensive buildings with redundant infrastructure, cooling and electrical equipment, or data center security features, and they don't have to hire and maintain a data center facilities team. These expenses shift to the data center provider, while tenants pay fixed monthly costs. Additionally, companies enjoy more connectivity options when they outsource, as many data center providers offer access to major cloud providers and multiple fiber providers.

Types of Data Center Outsourcing

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    Leasing space, power and bandwidth from a data center provider.

  • Hosting

    Leasing storage and compute resources on a server managed by a third party. Cloud falls into this category.

  • Managed Services

    Usually used in combination with colocation. A company uses a third party (MSP) to manage its data center environment.

My experience with Data Foundry has been nothing but positive from day one. Our website is our business, so it is absolutely critical that our servers are always on and always connected. Data Foundry gives us that peace of mind. Unlike other data centers we considered, Data Foundry provides the reliability and highly knowledgeable staff we were looking for.

Nick Parker VP of Engineering, USHIP
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