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Monitoring & Procedures

A key part of data center operations involves monitoring power and cooling systems to ensure equipment is functioning optimally, and temperatures in hot aisles and cold aisles remain within the proper ranges throughout the data center. Humidity must also be closely monitored. Additionally, carefully run data centers follow strict Methods of Procedure or MOPs. These include maintenance and emergency procedures that staff should be thoroughly trained on to both prevent unexpected downtime and mitigate events when they do occur.

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    Facility Management

    Facility management involves the work of facility technicians and maintenance and repair schedules. Facilities are often managed using a combination of predictive and preventative maintenance, which involves monitoring equipment closely to predict when it might fail and following manufacturer-recommended maintenance guidelines.

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    Physical Security

    Data center operations also include security management. A data center's standards for security are often closely tied with compliance, such as ISO, SSAE and PCI-DSS. Data center security staff must maintain video archives and records of all those who enter the facility. Biometric scanners, perimeter fencing, security gates and other security equipment must also be cleaned, maintained and repaired.


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