Make Data Center Migration Painless with Our Checklist

Mar 7, 2017 | Data Centers

As we discussed in a previous blog post called Colocation Moves: 9 Common Mistakes to Avoid, a data center migration is a rigorous process. Because for most companies data center migrations are few and far between, there are often important details that are overlooked until it is too late to stop them from interfering with business continuity.

As a colocation company, we have orchestrated and assisted with hundreds of data center migrations or colocation moves. In doing so, we took note of common mistakes and how they can be avoided. We thought it would be helpful to impart knowledge from our experiences in a Data Center Migration Checklist that provides an overall strategy for planning as well steps that are commonly overlooked.

Download our Data Center Migration Checklist to plan your move, estimate your migration time frame and get steps to avoid the most common mistakes we’ve come across in the colocation industry.