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Developing a Migration Plan

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    Common Migration Mistakes

    Migration mistakes usually involve forgotten details, such as measuring hallways and doors, not only in your new facility, but in your old one as well. It's possible your building design has changed since original equipment was moved in. Also be sure to take any new equipment into account when planning your new space. Don't forget to order point-to-point circuits well in advance and assess power receptacle compatibility. Get more tips from our blog post on colocation moves.

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    Future-Proof Your New Location

    A data center migration can be an excellent opportunity to upgrade old equipment, review your software and hardware vendors, restructure your cabling and plan for future growth. Moving legacy infrastructure can be risky. Consider using this time as an opportunity to upgrade, or if that's not possible, start with loaner equipment at the new site to minimize the risk of downtime. Consider hiring structured cabling experts to design your cabling for easy future installations, lower temperatures, efficiency and easy troubleshooting. Lastly, design for higher power density in the future.

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