What Data Center Compliance Means for Your Business

Sep 6, 2018 | Colocation, Insights

Compliance is confusing and mind-numbingly boring for most people. Before you can even finish explaining what SSAE stands for (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements) eyes are glazing over. Unfortunately, data center compliance standards aren’t merely sleeping aids, and not following them is enough to break a company from fines and reputation damage.

Data center providers often obtain third-party compliance certifications to assure tenants that they comply with standards they must adhere to. However, data center providers are often only responsible for the physical security aspects of most compliance requirements. Unless the data center is also managing your data through managed services such as network management or web application firewalls, they are not responsible for what happens to your data.

Keep this in mind when searching for a data center provider so that you understand which aspects of certain compliance standards are your responsibility and which are the responsibility of the data center. Our slideshow below will help you better understand how different types of compliance requirements apply to data centers.

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