Choosing the Right Data Center for Disaster Recovery Planning

Jan 1, 2011

JANUARY 2011 – Choosing a facility designed to securely house a company’s computer systems, networking, and other technology components is a crucial decision for any business. Even one moment of network disruption can wreak havoc on revenue and customer relationships. Your business needs a robust and comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure that operations run smoothly in the event of a disaster. Data centers are an important component to any disaster recovery plan, serving to house not only your business’s core network and infrastructure operations, but also the people that run the organization.

Data Foundry’s Mark Noonan describes nine key factors to consider when selecting a data center. These factors can serve as a foundation for evaluating a data center that will best meet your company’s IT needs and provide a solid disaster recovery component. With full consideration of these criteria, a management team can feel confident that the data center component of their disaster recovery plan can withstand any event that could threaten business operations.

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