Building Data Foundry’s Texas 1 Data Center – Part 1: Planning

Apr 18, 2011

In June 2011, Texas colocation company Data Foundry will open the doors on phase one of its 250,000 square-foot Texas 1 data center, the first facility in the Data Ranch, a 40-acre campus in Austin.

For the people involved, that design process itself was a proving ground for ideas developed over years spent deeply involved in the planning and operation of data center facilities. From perceiving the demand for data center space in Austin to putting the design on paper, CTO Ed Henigin and President Shane Menking discuss Data Foundry’s decision to build a Greenfield facility from the ground up rather than retro-fitting an existing facility. The first part of a three part series, this article focuses on conceptual design and how the infrastructure of the Texas 1 data center will meet the unique needs of every customer that walks through the door.

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