See Redundancy In Action

Nov 24, 2013 | Data Centers

Used to securely house electrical wires, telecom cables and lit fiber, along with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning ducts, conduits provide protection for some of the most critical components of a data center. Safely tucked away underneath the data center, the conduits are a maze of pathways neatly organized to carry the necessary elements that make the data center hum. Texas 1’s motto includes ‘full redundancy at every level’—from power feeds to telecommunication cables – all are engineered for diverse entry points into the data center along with multiple pathways for added reliability.

Telecom conduits to support the over 15 carriers that will reside in Texas 1. All telecom feeds are redundant and ride diverse paths for added reliability.

Preparing conduits to support the chilled water pumps and MCCs in the Mechanical Room.

Generator room view: Large openings will connect to the man-trap which will lead into the 24×7 Network Operations Center.

Breezeway into which the generators will emit both exhaust and radiator heat.

Pulling a line into the shop.