Visiting the Texas 1 Data Center

Now that construction is complete, we can focus on sharing all of the details that make Texas 1 customer-friendly. We’ve previously blogged about the consideration that went into protecting and managing your equipment: energy-efficient cooling system, top-of-the-line security and the dual power substations. Now, we want to share some things we’ve done for the convenience of you and your staff.

Much consideration went into making your visits to Texas 1 easy and as productive as possible from the moment you start to move your equipment in.

Easy and Secure Access

Texas 1’s loading dock is in the front of the building, allowing our security to monitor all traffic in and out of the facility. This also makes it easy for clients to receive equipment that is shipped to the data center. In one stop, you can check in at the security booth and go into the staging area for unpacking equipment, configuring it, and racking it.

IMG 2646 Customers can pull up at the loading dock, check in at the security booth, and unload in one place.
IMG 2633 Texas 1 was designed with no stairs or ramps for easy deployments.


There are several workstation areas located throughout Texas 1 with Internet access and VoIP phones. This provides technicians with relief away from the noise and cold air inside the server rooms to work on their laptops, place calls, and get the rest of their work done at their “home-away from home.”

IMG 2637 Customers can just sit down, plug in and instantly be connected.

White Cabinets

Texas 1 has all white cabinets rather than the traditional black ones, making it easier for technicians to see inside the cabinets when cabling and configuring equipment. Often times, a flashlight is needed with black cabinets because it is too dark to see.

DSC 0027 White cabinets reflect light, making installs smoother and more efficient.


Showers are available on the Texas 1 campus to accommodate the technicians who need to pull all-nighters or work extra hours.

IMG 2639 Showers and break rooms available to customers make long visits more comfortable.

Texas 1 provides these extra accommodations to ensure customers are always comfortable when on-site. It’s this thoughtful attention to even the smallest detail that truly makes Texas 1 a unique, premier facility.

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