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6 Cost Reduction Strategies for Enterprise IT

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While the focus of many CIOs is and should be on bringing technological competitive advantages to the business, cutting unnecessary costs is always something to keep in mind. Here are six IT cost reduction strategies that allow IT departments to use more of the budget for new technologies that foster business growth.

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How to Calculate the True Cost of Downtime

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When deciding on a network management strategy, a top priority for your department to think about is the cost of IT downtime. There are a lot of scary numbers out there for the average cost of downtime. The Ponemon Institute stated the average cost of unplanned downtime for 2016 was $8,850 per minute. That number is calculated based on several different things but applies to an average-sized organization. But what if your organization is smaller or larger than average? It might not be readily apparent how to calculate IT downtime just based on average numbers.

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Why Enterprises Choose Customer Success as an IT Decision Factor

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Since the beginning of modern-day business, there’s always been one big rule: give your customer what they want. If that was the case and it was just a matter of saying it, then every enterprise would succeed. We know that this just isn’t true. It’s hard work that takes dedication and enthusiasm for customer success to work as a strategy. We believe that even in a technology-driven field like IT, the human element should never be ignored.

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How Important is Network Management?

Img how Important Is network management datafoundry blog

When talking with clients we noticed they spend a lot of time talking about starting their IT journey with us but don’t always think about network management -- or what comes next. That’s understandable, just the start of moving your IT infrastructure onto a new network is a monumental task. From network design and routing to installation and configuration there are a lot of ways that your setup is critical to your IT needs.

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Can receiving a network assessment reduce enterprise IT downtime?

Img can receiving a network assessment reduce enterprise IT downtime datafoundry blog

Imagine this: Your network goes down. You’re scrambling for a solution, and don’t know for sure what your next IT strategy should be or include to reduce downtime. What if you already had a plan for IT downtime? That’s what a network assessment and regular network management can do for your company.

Getting a network assessment gives you the essential network documentation you need -- not only in crisis, but also when you are goal setting for your enterprise, planning your network management, and optimizing that network. Here’s why we offer network assessment to our clients.

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Are Remote Work Environments Here to Stay?

Img are remote work environments here to stay datafoundry blog

Since COVID-19 has changed the way we do business, some people have seen their jobs move to being remote. Even industries that were based on collaboration, have taken a turn towards working from home. So, is remote work viable long-term for your company, and is it here to stay?

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Securing the Enterprise Network for Remote Work Environments

Img securing enterprise network for remote work environments datafoundry blog

A secure and reliable network has been a top priority for many enterprises as new remote work models are stretching the limits of conventional IT. Now, business networks must reach across expanding network footprints while ensuring work-from-home teams can connect to mission-critical systems and data. Still, with the need for increased agility and data mobility comes another pressing need: network security.

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Unify IT with a Hybrid Model: Cloud and Colocation

Img hybrid IT cheat sheet datafoundry blog

In the race to digitally transform and maintain competitive advantages in the face of expanding requirements and a changing business environment, the cloud has become a key component in modern IT. When trying to optimize speed, efficiency, scalability, and agility, the cloud offers a range of services that enhance data mobility, application performance, and more.

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Expert Tips For Pivoting Your Enterprise IT For Remote Work

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Many business functions have shifted online in recent months. Between social distancing protocols, quarantine, and protective measures, the remote workforce is stronger than ever and more dependent on connectivity and networking.

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