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Will enterprises renew office leases?

Img will enterprises renew office leases datafoundry blog

The year 2020 gave us great insight into the future of remote work. Working from home with a remote office became the new normal as COVID-19 forced us to find new ways to get our jobs done. So, what happens now that office space leases are coming up for renewal? Will enterprises renew those office leases or is the remote office here to stay?

Here’s why dedicated office spaces working together with remote work environments might be how enterprises approach work in the future.

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What Does It Mean to Commission a Data Center?

Img what does it mean to commission a data center datafoundry blog

A data center commission is a meticulous process that is essential to ensuring the quality and reliability of a new data center. Because a data center commission is often announced just before a new data center opens, some may think it is a quick process that starts as soon as construction has finished. While the final stage of a data center commission is conducted after the completion of construction, the reality is that the commissioning process can be iterative and lengthy -- sometimes starting as much as six months before completion.

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How to Get the Most from Your Colocation Data Center

Img how to get the most from your colocation data center datafoundry blog

Colocation data centers are an effective way for businesses to reduce capital expense by sharing building infrastructure, physical security, and mechanical equipment. That said, all those experiences aren’t created equally. (Curious on what makes one data center different from another? Here’s a blog we did on what to look for in a reliable colocation data center.) For you to have the best possible experience, there are some things you need to do first.

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Top Reasons Why Texas Data Centers are Strategically Located

Img top reasons why texas data centers are strategically located datafoundry blog

IT disasters can happen suddenly and quickly if your organization is not prepared but failure to plan for any issues or outages could impact your business operations at a critical level. Disasters happen, and while you can’t hope to avoid them all -- you definitely can plan to mitigate those disasters as much as possible.

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Hybrid Models Shift the Way Enterprises Contract for Dedicated Office Space

Img will enterprises shift to dedicated office space datafoundry blog

With flexible work solutions continuing to enable employees to work from home, rethinking how companies will re-integrate their employees back to the office is top of mind. While some companies will continue with a flexible and remote workforce, commonly referred to as a hybrid model, others will embrace an opportunity to provide employees with powerful internet, readily accessible services, and a collaborative in-person environment, perhaps just a little differently.

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Data Center IT trends to lookout for in 2021

Img IT Trends datafoundry blog

As we hit the ground running in 2021, we reflect back on what we learned in 2020. Last year presented numerous challenges that greatly impacted the IT world, predominantly shaped by the pandemic. With more and more people required to work from home, supporting a distributed remote workforce was top of mind for everyone and will remain so for much of the new year. This is why ensuring your business is set up for success to support a remote workforce in 2021 is at the top of our IT trends watchlist for 2021.

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Why enterprises use reliable data center partners for remote experiences

Img why enterprises require reliable data center partners for virtual experiences datafoundry blog

2020 has shown us the problem some enterprises faced when pivoting to remote work environments. No matter your industry, we’ve all had to get creative with our solutions. Whether it’s meeting virtually with clients or working remotely, all of these solutions require a stable network and a reliable data center that can handle all IT operational tasks.

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How Enterprises Utilize Remote Hands Services for Increased Efficiency

Img how enterprises utilize remote hands service for increased efficiency datafoundry blog

What are remote hands services and why should enterprises utilize this managed service? We’re glad you asked. If you’re an enterprise looking to scale, it’s going to completely change the way you think about IT -- especially when figuring out ways to have uninterrupted service during a pandemic. First though, let’s start with the basics.

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What To Look For in A Reliable Data Center Provider

Img how to choose a reliable data center provider datafoundry blog

As the role of the data center in the modern enterprise has evolved, so too has the process of selecting a colocation provider. While data centers were once only in charge of server housing and infrastructure maintenance, today they are at the core of hybrid cloud strategies. As data centers become integral to the day-to-day operations and long-term success of today’s businesses, how can organizations make the right decision the first time?

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Is Your Enterprise Disaster Recovery Ready?

Img top tips to ensure your enterprise network is disaster recovery ready datafoundry blog

If IT infrastructure was crucial for digital business initiatives before, 2020 has effectively certified that it is now at the very core of enterprise continuity and success. As the enterprise footprint evolves with ongoing remote work, cloud usage and data dependence, connectivity, and availability are serving as the backbone of operations, ensuring all disparate business elements are adequately empowered.

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