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What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

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As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated, businesses require flexibility and adaptable technology solutions to survive the numerous challenges presented to them. On-demand consumable services such as cloud computing help companies deliver on promises of the future; connecting employees in ways not previously possible – quickly, securely, and from almost anywhere. The adaptability and usage-based capabilities enabled by cloud computing also provide a cost-effective data solution that is quickly replacing legacy and outdated systems.

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Are Remote Work Environments Here to Stay?

Img are remote work environments here to stay datafoundry blog

Since COVID-19 has changed the way we do business, some people have seen their jobs move to being remote. Even industries that were based on collaboration, have taken a turn towards working from home. So, is remote work viable long-term for your company, and is it here to stay?

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Unify IT with a Hybrid Model: Cloud and Colocation

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In the race to digitally transform and maintain competitive advantages in the face of expanding requirements and a changing business environment, the cloud has become a key component in modern IT. When trying to optimize speed, efficiency, scalability, and agility, the cloud offers a range of services that enhance data mobility, application performance, and more.

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