Austin Disaster Recovery Campus Keeps Companies Safe

Mar 22, 2006

AUSTIN, Texas — March 22, 2006 — Through the turbulence of the 2005 hurricane season Data Foundry, an Austin based disaster recovery services provider, was a safe haven to companies located in hurricane affected areas. Data Foundry’s Disaster Recovery Campus™ located 220 miles inland offered companies data center services for housing mission critical IT infrastructure and work space for key employees to maintain/resume business operations.

The aftermath of Hurricane Season ’05 left many companies asking “How far is far enough?” What total distance separation should be between a primary site, where a disaster could affect normal business operations, and a secondary site that may not be affected by the same event? Results from a national survey polling members of the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) recommended companies locate their secondary site at least 105 miles from their primary site when safe guarding against an event like a hurricane.

While the numerous hurricanes of the season struck the United States with cataclysmic effect, this 105 mile distance recommendation proved its efficacy. Companies contracted with Data Foundry were able to confront impending storms with greater peace of mind. These companies had already safely located their critical data systems and reserved work space in Data Foundry’s premiere Disaster Recovery Campus in Austin. When Rita threatened the city of Houston, Data Foundry’s customers were quickly able to transition into disaster declaration mode. Customers could fly or drive to Data Foundry’s Disaster Recovery Campus where they found their data safe and their people well outfitted to perform essential job functions.

“When a disaster occurs, it’s important to have a robust secondary site to house mission critical systems, but many companies fail to think through all the logistical challenges of relocating personnel to the secondary site. Our Disaster Recovery Campus provides companies all the necessities – a world class data center, hotel accommodations, several restaurants, and a work-site recovery center all in the same proximity. Data Foundry agrees with the ACP on the 105 mile minimum distance requirement and our Disaster Recovery Campus achieves this recommendation for coastal companies” said Jonah Yokubaitis, Data Foundry’s CEO and co-founder.

As the winds calmed in New Orleans and the scope of damage was revealed, some New Orleans based companies such as DCC Services chose to begin the rebuilding process by locating their critical IT infrastructure in Data Foundry’s data center. “After experiencing disaster firsthand and having to pick up and leave New Orleans, we realize how important it is to secure our data. Because of our strength in security and access technology, our customers trust us with their 24×7 mission critical Oracle systems. Data Foundry has increased our confidence in delivering high availability applications to our customers and should we encounter another disaster, our infrastructure will be safe,” said DCC Services President, Scott Elequin.

For companies such as Garden Ridge, who moved critical systems into the Disaster Recovery Campus earlier in the year, reflection on the 2005 hurricane season served to assure them of the prudence in their decision. “We chose Data Foundry based on the caliber of their Austin Disaster Recovery Campus and its location– outside of Houston, but close enough to deploy if needed,” said Jay Dittmar, Director of IT Infrastructure for Garden Ridge. Dittmar later said, “Given the recent activity with hurricane season, it’s reassuring to know that if an event affects the Houston area our computing infrastructure is safely located well outside of the epicenter.”

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