Are Data Centers Physically Secure?

Sep 15, 2020 | Colocation, Data Centers

Colocation data centers have fast become the go-to route for any company or organization that has colocation, data storage, or cloud computing needs. A data center represents an alternative to the expense of building your own IT hub. That said, for most businesses data center security will be a huge factor in deciding on a possible candidate.

What does good data center security look like?

Like anything, all data centers aren’t created equally. That’s a big deal when you’re deciding on colocation space. I mean, if you’re migrating all of your assets to another castle, you want to make sure that the castle is secure first. Anything less could lead to your company experience service outages, or worse, data theft. We’ve included some of the things we planned for when building our Houston 2 location, which features eight layers of security for enhanced protection.

Does your data center have manned security guards?

This seems like a no brainer, but data center security starts with actual, physical security. Any good colocation space should have dedicated security staff. Not just staff that is there during business hours. This means ‘round the clock surveillance. Our Houston 2 Data Center not only has 24/7 manned security, but we also have a dedicated security gate, man trap, biometric scanners, and more. Every guest is required to be badged or have escorted entry from one of our guards — ensuring that all data is safe, and all visitors are accounted for.

Does your data center have video recording technology?

Your data center should absolutely have video recording technology. This is because you need to not only know what is happening in the present, but what went on in the past in the event of a breach. When you’re dealing with IT on a large scale, it does nobody any favors to miss out on video camera technology. At our Houston 2 center, we employ color camera digital surveillance systems that record everything digitally. Not only that, but our data center also keeps a video recording upon every door opening. That means that no one can access our client’s cabinets and cages without us knowing about it.

Does your data center security have physical locks and a mantrap?

We mean locks on all doors to gates and cabinets. This might seem obvious, but many data security centers forgo this step-in favor of easier cabinet access. Unfortunately, what constitutes easy access for someone with good intent also means easy access for someone with ill intent. Our Houston 2 data center has locks on our cabinets and cages. Often good data center security means having multiple steps for would-be thieves. Each is another layer of security for your data.

Does your data center stay up to date on all security advancements?

It’s important for any prospective data center to stay on the cutting edge of all physical and virtual security. Our Houston 2 location has a mantrap (a two-step security door authenticator) as well as biometric scanners to make sure no one is bringing (or taking out) anything that they aren’t supposed to.

It’s important to understand what a good colocation provider offers including top-tier 8-layers of security. At Houston 2, we ensure that your data is always safe and constantly protected. It’s important to go with a data center that puts security first.

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