Our Values

Data Foundry’s core values are not empty statements; we put our money where our mouths are. For the lifetime of the company, we have supported these values through advocacy, partnerships and business development.

We believe in the power of choice.

Consumers and businesses should never feel forced into purchasing a product or service because there are limited options, nor should they be forced to pay unfair prices that result from monopolistic and duopolistic markets. We advocate for the power to choose, and we practice what we preach. We maintain carrier-neutral data centers and make it our goal to give our customers as many choices as possible.


The customer is always first.

Our customers are the reason we are what we are today, and we don’t forget that. When our customers need something, we are there for them. That’s how our portfolio of services came to be. Even if we don’t offer a service a customer needs when they request it, we do what we can to meet demands. Our NOC and security teams support our customers 24x7x365.

We don’t accept mediocrity.

We are craftsmen, and this is reflected in everything we do. We don’t build data centers or offer services that simply pass muster. We do it to be the best.


We believe in our people.

We hire our own staff from construction managers to data center technicians and security administrators, and we promote from within. We believe hiring, maintaining and cultivating our own people renders the best results for our customers and for our company.


Innovation is paramount to success.

Everyone should have a fair chance at success, and we believe those who are best at their craft should win. Fair competition in markets maintains fair pricing and creates a constant incentive for innovation. We advocate for open markets because we know an open market is the optimal environment for innovation, and innovation is essential to progress.