Who Is Data Foundry?

Data Foundry’s Data Centers accommodate companies large and small. Our customers include major players in the tech industry, energy, financial services, retail, healthcare, and more.


We’re Network People

Founded in 1994, Data Foundry was one of the first 50 ISPs in the United States. Our background is in networking and IT infrastructure. We understand our customers’ IT infrastructure and the requirements for growth, scalability and evolution. Data Foundry’s ownership and key executives have changed very little, but our company has grown and evolved significantly.


We Have the Right Skills

Data Foundry employs a tenured and knowledgeable workforce. We maintain our own onsite electricians, network engineers, security staff, data center technicians and NOC technicians.


We’re Service-Focused

Data Foundry understands the need for responsive, expert, always available, hands-on support. We keep staff on site 24x7x365. From cross connects to complex power management, we understand every aspect of data centers operations and our people are focused on supporting your every data center need.


We’re Stable and Independent

Data Foundry has a 25+ year profitable operating history which is unique in our industry. Our customers are our first priority.


We’re Purpose-Built

Experience has taught us that the most reliable data centers are ones that we can control from the roof to the conduits below the foundation. We maintain our own in-house construction team for building data centers in strategically chosen locations. We build the most redundant, connected, and secure data centers with the best disaster recovery solutions available in Texas.


We’re Carrier-Neutral

We create a network marketplace with choice and competition to ensure you have access to competitive prices and higher reliability. Data Foundry operates carrier neutral facilities with direct access to your choice of networks.

Our People

Our tenured executive team has a background in data center operations and networking. They ensure your mission critical operations are running smoothly so you can focus on your business.

Our History

Networking and data center operations are in our DNA. Our history as an Internet Service Provider makes us who we are today.

Our Values

Data Foundry’s core values are apparent in all that we do, from hiring to forming partnerships, to advocacy work.

Our Customers

Data Foundry’s data centers accommodate companies large and small. Our customers include local small businesses, regional companies and international corporations.