The Search is On: The Benefits of Partnering with a Premier Data Center Provider

Nov 6, 2019 | Data Centers

It’s no secret that data makes the contemporary world go round. Currently, the amount of generated data is continuing on its dramatic upswing, and enterprises across the globe are shifting their data management strategies off-premises to meet increasing requirements. As data continues to serve as a fundamental asset for a vast host of applications and operations across nearly all industries, finding an ideal place for this critical resource is paramount.

Choosing a data center partner encompasses a range of considerations, and as a result, finding the ideal partner can become a complex process when trying to juggle dynamic enterprise needs. However, the value and key benefits that are delivered by the right premier infrastructure provider are plain to see.

Establishing the Basics

To get the best of IT infrastructure and ensure data is in capable hands, look for a data center partner with thorough networking and IT infrastructure expertise that delivers carrier-neutral facilities. Remaining carrier-neutral ensures that the facility isn’t tied to any one service provider and enables data center tenants to leverage diversity and freedom of choice while benefiting from cost efficiencies. Location is another foundational decision here, and choosing a facility that is safe from flood zones or other natural disasters and is accessible for potential on-site work is important. Other vital considerations to explore are reliability, uptime and interconnection capabilities.

Scalability and Flexibility

Anyone operating in the current technology climate is aware that with the advent of 5G, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, smart city applications and the skyrocketing number of connected devices, data requirements are evolving and expanding rapidly. Reports note that by 2025, the amount of generated data worldwide will have reached a staggering 175 zetabytes. The pressure to process, store and access massive amounts of data is on, and a capable data center partner will ensure that enterprises don’t have to suffer from that strain on operations. A premier provider that can deliver critical future-proof scalability and flexibility will offer purpose-built and custom solutions that can grow and adapt alongside business trajectories.

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Expert Support

As operational frameworks become intertwined with public and private clouds and integrate newer, more complex processes, managed services have become increasingly valuable. When allying with a data center provider, available managed services are ideal for ensuring that outsourced IT infrastructure does not become a strain on internal resources or draw attention away from core competencies. In this way, an ideal provider will take some pressure off and allow enterprises to get the best infrastructure with less stress and expert support. For this, look for partners that also offer on-site expert technicians and around-the-clock access to support personnel for the best experience and reliability.

Promising More, Delivering More

Many data center providers on the market can meet technical and infrastructural requirements, but not all of them will deliver the strong partnership and collaborative experience that businesses in this fast-paced era need. That’s why with Data Foundry, the partnership begins even before any contracts are signed. To instill a keen and deep sense of trust and reliability, we remain service-focused, delivering expert high-touch, end-to-end colocation and disaster recovery services to clients across a range of verticals. With premier carrier-neutral facilities that deliver whitespace and custom, purpose-built solutions supported 24/7 by our expert personnel, we ensure every detail of our clients’ deployments—from the roof to the below-ground conduits—are built for success.

Peace of mind cannot be measured in Mbps or square feet, but here at Data Foundry, we know it’s worth its weight in gold in a time when technology demands change in the blink of an eye. This is why we remain dedicated to delivering top-tier services with the utmost care and expertise, helping every client stay ahead of the curve.

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