Network Assessment

The Key to Understanding Your Network

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Network Assessment

Is Your Network Documented?

If your network failed today, would you know where to look first? Undocumented networks often aren’t properly updated and maintained and are at greater risk of failing from attacks, worms and viruses. Lack of network documentation can also squander time and money from your organization due to difficulty in tracking down the underlying cause of a problem. Most companies these days cannot operate efficiently and effectively without a properly maintained network. With an understanding of your network, you can begin to align your IT strategy with your business goals.

Why Is Network Assessment Beneficial?

  • network assessment services

    Identify single points of failure

  • Identify inefficiencies

  • Identify security vulnerabilities

  • Receive detailed network documentation

  • Identify opportunities to simplify your network and reduce downtime

  • Review for scalability

 network assessment report

Network Assessment Deliverables

  • LAN/WAN network diagrams
  • Network inventory
  • Presentation prioritizing next steps

Why Choose Data Foundry's Network Services Team?

As one of the first 50 ISP providers in the U.S., Data Foundry utilizes over 20 years of network experience and best practices to provide thorough network assessments both inside and outside our data centers. We help customers gain a detailed understanding of their network infrastructure and identify opportunities to improve network performance, reliability and security.

  • Work with a team that takes ownership and offers a consultative approach

  • Assessment conducted by certified network engineers

  • Communicate directly with a designated engineer

  • Learn best practices for network scalability

  • Get a plan of action that aligns with your business goals

Gain Understanding, Not Just Deliverables

Our network engineering team provides a real transfer of knowledge, and will advise you on how to get the most out of your current equipment. Our team will learn the ins and outs of your network and is happy to implement the next steps outlined in the final network presentation according to your business model.

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