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Data Foundry provides highly-customizable structured cabling and IT infrastructure setup services to meet your organization’s needs. Our certified technicians deliver nothing less than world-class, clean-cut craftsmanship and a scalable setup using premium materials. We stand by our work with onsite support and part replacement that lasts the lifetime of your deployment.

Why Choose Data Foundry for Cabling?

  • Flexible schedule Flexible project schedule based on your needs
  • Customizable design Customizable infrastructure design and materials
  • Certified technicians Certified technicians
  • Single point of contact Single point of contact
  • High-touch communication High-touch communication
  • Proper cable labeling Cables labeled at both ends
  • Warranty with support Lifetime warranty with 24x7x365 support

Poorly Planned Cabling

Messy cabling

Data Foundry’s Expert Cabling

Good cabling

Properly Structured Cabling…

  • Save time and money Saves time and money
  • Produce less heat Produces less heat
  • Improve connectivity Reduces light loss and improves connectivity
  • Boost network performance Can boost network performance
  • Easily scalable Makes scaling quick and easy

Future-Proof Your Deployment or Data Center

It’s hard to predict how your equipment will evolve over time. Our team of infrastructure experts advises you on the best materials and design to avoid future heat and cabling route issues. Some issues we address include:

  • The size of your ladder rail
  • Type of cabling
  • Room for power strips
  • Space for vertical exhaust ducts

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