Texas Company Reveals Net Neutrality and Privacy/Security Violations by Telephone and Cable Companies in FCC Filing

    June 25, 2007 – Austin, TX – Data Foundry, Inc., a Texas-based provider of data center outsourcing, managed data center, and disaster recovery services, today filed a response to the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry regarding Broadband Market Practices.

    Data Foundry’s response to the FCC’s notice of inquiry demonstrates that the dominant broadband providers are engaging in practices that violate the FCC’s network neutrality (open Internet) standards. The broadband providers have repeatedly denied violating the network neutrality, but Data Foundry refutes their claims, pointing to provisions in the providers’ contracts with users that directly violate each of the four principles presently used by the FCC.

    Data Foundry also explains that providers are, or will soon be, engaging in practices that violate customer privacy and threaten security and confidentiality of proprietary, privileged, and/or trade secret information held by every company or individual who utilizes broadband services.

    Founded in 1994, Data Foundry provides solutions for over 1,000 corporate and governmental customers who choose Data Foundry for the quality of their services and the level of security and redundancy available through their enterprise data center. In the interest of maintaining their customer’s privacy, Data Foundry has been active in campaigning for net neutrality.

    To view a full copy of the filing, visit www.datafoundry.com/pdf/Net-Neutrality.pdf

    About Data Foundry

    Data Foundry is a privately held company headquartered in Austin, Texas that provides data center colocation, disaster recovery and managed services for enterprise customers across a variety of industries including energy, healthcare and financial services. The company's premier data centers are supported by experienced onsite technicians, security staff and customer support 24 X 7 X 365. Founded in 1994, Data Foundry was one of the first 50 Internet Service Providers in the United States. Today, Data Foundry owns and operates purpose-built, carrier-neutral data centers in Texas and operates a global network with colocation presences for deployments worldwide. For more information, visit www.datafoundry.com or call 1.888.839.2794.

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