Disaster Readiness Checklist

Use the tool below to evaluate your disaster readiness.

DR Plan Do you currently have a DR plan in place? Yes No Check out the 9 key factors to consider when evaluating a data center for disaster recovery.
Have you tested your plan in the last 12 months? Yes No
Does your plan include a data center facility as a secondary site for your servers and staff? Yes No
Secondary Site Location Is your secondary site located more than 100 miles from your primary location? Yes No See why Austin is the safe and smart choice.
Is your secondary site located outside of areas affected by hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, floods, freezes and tsunamis? Yes No
Is your secondary site easily accessible via several major highways and/or an international airport? Yes No
DR Office Space Does your secondary site include office space for your employees? Yes No See how dedicated office space can help ensure your business stays up and running.
Is this office space dedicated for your use only? Yes No
Does this office space provide meeting rooms, hard wired and wireless networking connection, and access to secure parking? Yes No
Networking Is your secondary site connected to multiple fiber carriers? Yes No Find out why Texas 1 is the most redundant and diverse data center in Texas.
Is their network infrastructure independent and diverse? Yes No
Support Are there support personnel physically onsite 24/7/365 to act as your remote IT staff? Yes No Data Foundry’s expert support services ensure zero downtime even in the event of a disaster.
Do they offer drop shipping/installation services? Yes No
Results If you answered no to any of the questions above, or just want assistance to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, contact us to speak with a representative.