Data Foundry’s reliable, high bandwidth commercial Internet options include T1, T3 and Metro Ethernet, all backed by a fully redundant network. Our blended approach provides customers the reliability, scalability and uptime they require. In addition to at least six of the world’s largest Internet backbones connecting directly to the TexasNAP, we raise the bar on acceptable performance with a 100% network headroom policy. This means we provision additional backbone and intranetwork capacity when we reach 50% utilization.


Data Foundry’s T1 Internet option is a dedicated private Internet connection supporting a data transfer rate of 1.544 Mbps. Data Foundry’s T1 blended Internet access provides you with a one-stop shop for a premium, redundant Internet connection. We recommend this solution to businesses of 50 employees or more and local office branches that have steady bandwidth traffic and desire a fixed monthly rate.


Our T3 blended Internet connection is a dedicated private Internet connection equivalent in capacity to 28 T1 lines, and a data transfer rate of 45 Mbps. This solution is recommended for medium and large-sized businesses with high-bandwidth requirements. Like our T1 service, even if one of our many carriers experiences difficulties, your Internet will always stay up and running with our blended Internet approach.

Metro Ethernet

Data Foundry’s Metro Ethernet, an alternative to T1, allows for Internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps of dedicated Internet access with the simplicity of using Ethernet.

With Metro Ethernet, Data Foundry houses your servers within one of our secure colocation facilities, and provides a 100Mbps Ethernet connection to your office, allowing your employees to access massive amounts of data at blazing fast speeds as well as benefit from having the redundancy of a blended Internet connection.