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How Much Does it Cost to Own a Data Center?

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Edge computing has never been more popular. With virtually all types of business utilizing cloud technologies these days, an edge data center is often a crucial step in making sure that your data is there when you need it. That’s not hyperbole, edge computing can be the kick that allows for better processing large amounts of data, which in turn can lead to better ecommerce, more reliable networks, and any number of other applications for business.

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Data Center Migration: Creating a Winning Relocation Strategy

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As business needs evolve, footprints grow and data strategies sometimes change, it’s common for enterprises to relocate their data or find a new colocation data center. Migrating to a new data center may seem intimidating and scary at first, but with the right partner and strategy at the helm, you will be able to navigate a migration with expert support at all times.

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Does A Purpose-Built Data Center offer business scalability?

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Data center jargon can make searching for the right colocation facility challenging for businesses, and when it comes to terms like “purpose-built,” enterprises might be left wondering exactly what that means, why they should pay attention to it or if they even need that at all. Luckily, in the case of this data center term, it’s relatively self-explanatory but that doesn’t mean a closer look at its meaning and the benefits it offers isn’t necessary to guide businesses as they choose their ideal data home. So, if you’ve ever wondered about what the advantages of a purpose-built data center (PBDC) are and why they’re important in today’s digital business, look no further.

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4 Ways to Identify a Top Tier Colocation Data Center

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With the majority of today’s enterprises pivoting into the digital world, there’s no question about the importance of the data center and its role in empowering next-generation customer experiences and business operation. While the question of colocation versus in-house data center is still much discussed, when the two options are weighed against an increasingly complex business environment, colocation provides several key benefits.

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Edge Data Centers Explained: What is Edge Computing?

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If you’re hip to IT, you know that the new trend on everyone’s list is edge computing. Edge computing is supposed to bring us greater speed, privacy, and more security than traditional cloud methods. That means building an edge data center has become a priority for just about everyone—but do you really know what that means? Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty easy to understand. In a nutshell, edge computing is an alternative to cloud computing where your data processing power is at the “edge” of your network.

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How Hybrid IT Strategies leverage colocation and cloud together

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Cloud computing is a mainstay of digital business, and with the public cloud market generating a forecasted worldwide revenue of more than $500 billion by 2025, it’s clear that enterprises across all verticals are utilizing cloud-based capabilities for added agility, scalability and efficiency. The path to the cloud and the way in which businesses integrate it into their IT frameworks, however, can look different depending on the individual use case and the goals they’re trying to meet.

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What is a Data Center?

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To put it simply, a data center is a physical location that houses critical IT equipment. Typically, that means routers, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers, and other key components. A data center allows an organization to centralize its IT operations, equipment, and various ways of storing and processing data. If you’re an IT person, you know that this is integral to how your organization functions—it’s essentially the neural network of your entire company. That’s a big deal.

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In-house Data Center vs. Data Center Colocation: Which is better?

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The Data Center Dilemma: Understanding In-House Solutions Versus Colocation

In the contemporary enterprise landscape, data centers are key drivers and enablers for all things digital business. Whether it’s adopting new applications, incorporating new added-value services for end users, or creating more seamless IT frameworks for better collaboration and productivity, the data flows created and used by the enterprise are more robust than ever. To support these flows of information, data centers provide vital networking, redundant power and cooling infrastructure, business continuity, and information security benefits that are absolutely crucial for enterprise success. While the importance of the data center is clear, the question of whether to maintain an in-house data center strategy or an outsourced colocation approach still remains.

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IT Cost Reduction Strategies for Disaster Recovery

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Many companies plan for their success, but the great one’s plan for their disasters too, that’s exactly what cost reduction disaster recovery does. This idea might seem obvious, but it often is forgotten when dealing with the everyday challenges of running an enterprise. That said, it’s imperative to think about cost reduction strategies before a crisis happens. It might be a cliché, but failing to plan is a plan to fail. When disaster strikes, every minute you delay can cost your enterprise potentially millions of dollars. Even smaller enterprises can be crippled by just one day of delay.

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What Data Center is Best For Disaster Recovery?

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Regardless of business size, industry or history, the fast-paced digital world is driving an increased need for disaster recovery and business continuity, and on the whole, the enterprise is responding appropriately by incorporating more robust solutions for their IT. Organizations are looking to colocation data centers as a great way to ensure business continuity while offloading some of the burden through outsourced solutions. However, many may not realize that not every data center partner is the same, or that choosing the right data center may be the most important element in a disaster recovery strategy.

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