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Raising the Bar: Data Foundry Completes SSAE 16 Type II Audit

Data Foundry’s Texas 1 and ADC data centers have successfully completed the SSAE 16 Type II compliance audit. What does that mean? You can have complete confidence that your critical data and infrastructure is in a facility which has verified internal business processes and IT controls in place.

Over a period of 6 months, independent auditors assessed Data Foundry’s policies, controls, and business processes leading to SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II compliance. Data Foundry will continue to complete an SSAE 16 audit every six months to ensure that no reporting period is unaudited. Continuous completion of an SSAE 16 Type II audit is part of Data Foundry’s commitment to provide world-class data center management services to its customers. For more information, please see our SSAE 16 page.

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Texas 1 Data Center - Open for Business

DF 3 optimized

Texas 1, the first purpose-built, carrier-neutral data center in the Central Texas region is now open for business!

The initial phase of the highly anticipated 130,000 SF data center is fully operational and the first customers are already moved in. As chronicled on our Construction Blog throughout the past year, Texas 1 is the first colocation facility on the 40-acre master-planned Data Ranch data center development in Austin, Texas.

Watch the time lapse video of its construction here!

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The Final Stages

DSC 0011

Texas 1 data center is undergoing the final steps of commissioning!

In the commissioning process, we are doing our final operational testing. The systems within the building are tested and verified, including quality assurance for the electrical, cooling, water, lighting, plumbing, security and other systems throughout the facility.

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Keeping the Data Center Secure

Security is one of the top concerns for data center customers. At Texas 1, we are just about finished installing many of the state-of-the-art security features to help protect your IT equipment and the lifeline to your business. The Texas 1 grounds are outfitted with high fencing and a guard station to prevent unwanted entry onto the premises. Internal security includes mantraps, biometrics, locked cages and cabinets and video monitoring solutions. Data Foundry takes pride in providing top-of-the-line security features for its customers.

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A Grand Scale from Any Perspective

The exterior of Texas 1 is almost complete! The parking lot has been paved, trees have been planted, and the exterior perimeter fence is going up. You can really start to see the scale of the building! Take a look around the property for yourself…

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Details, Details, Details

Texas 1 will serve as an office for a number of Data Foundry employees, as well as a temporary office for worksite recovery customers. Some of the details that make Texas 1 a welcoming environment are already going into place! Take a look…

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Texas 1 Is Powered Up!

With Texas 1 opening in just a few weeks, we are excited to report that the power systems and controls supporting the facility have been fully installed!

Texas 1 has fully redundant power from two separate substations. Our dual-feed power is carried all the way to the UPSs, meaning that each individual UPS lineup within the building can run on power from either substation.

This premium configuration has no single point of failure. We can distribute our active UPS connections independently across our dual utility feeds, spreading out the load and reducing the possibility of the entire facility being affected by a problem with one utility feed. If there is a utility issue on one feed, we can easily transfer the affected load over to the other feed.

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Wide Open Spaces

2011 04 13 032

The first phase of the Texas 1 facility boasts 55,000 square feet of raised floor. This expansive area is highly scalable, accommodating single cabinet to multi-megawatt deployments. Texas 1’s raised floor, which sits 36 inches above the depressed slab, coupled with its flexible cooling system design allows for custom cooling solutions. Texas 1 can meet your company’s every need from standard deployments to chilled water direct to your cabinet.

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Do You Feel a Chill in the Air?

Texas 1 uses a chilled water cooling system, which consumes significantly less electricity than conventional air-cooled systems. Inside the facility, chillers draw heat out of the chilled water system and move it to the condenser water system. The condenser water then moves into the cooling towers, where heat will be released into the atmosphere mostly through evaporation. Located within the cooling towers are highly-efficient variable-speed fans to help with the process.

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Another Step Ahead: Flooring Is In!

The recent completion of our raised flooring brings us even closer the Texas 1 opening!

Texas 1’s raised floor consists of Tate ConCore 2500 tiles. These are concrete-filled tiles that can withstand a single-point load of 2,500 pounds on a one square inch area at any location on the panel, with a minimum safety factor of 2. This means that each tile can really support up to 5,000 pounds on any single square inch. The corners of every floor tile rest on pedestals and, for higher quality, stringers to support the edges of the floor tiles. This provides the highest load rating, along with extra stiffness to keep the floor tiles straight and aligned and level with each other.

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