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What’s Better than a Fault-Tolerant Data Center?

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Achieving High Data Center Availability through Fault Avoidance

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6 Differences Between Cloud Security & Data Center Security

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Cloud security has improved over the years with cloud providers working hard to minimize risk and a variety of third party vendors launching comprehensive cloud security tools, such as Alert Logic’s Cloud Defender and Trend Micro’s Deep Security. So, is the cloud now just as secure as running your own infrastructure in a data center? Here are some significant differences between cloud security and data center security.

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Test Your Data Center Knowledge

Do you know your way around a data center? Take our data center knowledge quiz to find out.

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Data Foundry Awarded ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management

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We are proud to announce that Data Foundry’s data centers have met the necessary requirements to receive the ISO 27001:2013 certification. Data Foundry’s Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and related procedures conform with the International Organization for Standardization’s guidelines. Data Foundry sought an ISO certification in addition to already having met standards for SSAE 16 and PCI compliance due to requests from our international customers that provide information services overseas. While compliance with PCI and SSAE standards is widely recognized in the U.S., ISO 27001 standards are the most internationally accepted for information security.

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How We Chose Power Equipment for Our Texas 2 Data Center

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For Data Foundry, choosing data center power and cooling equipment is not a matter of finding the best price, but finding the best equipment to protect IT systems and keep them up in running at all times – during maintenance, electrical outages and major storms. It is important that our power and cooling systems are concurrently maintainable. This means that if we take a piece of equipment offline for maintenance, and electrical power happens to be lost simultaneously, there is another piece of equipment lined up to take place of the backup without ever dropping the load, keeping systems online throughout the ordeal.

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Texas 2 Data Center Is Taking Shape

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The walls and roofs of our purpose-built data centers are the buildings’ bones and provide the wind rating needed to protect our facilities in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados. Texas 2’s data hall is being constructed to resist 185 mph winds. With the walls and roof in place, our newest data center is taking shape and on schedule to open in Q4 of this year.

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Make Data Center Migration Painless with Our Checklist

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As we discussed in a previous blog post called Colocation Moves: 9 Common Mistakes to Avoid, a data center migration is a rigorous process. Because for most companies data center migrations are few and far between, there are often important details that are overlooked until it is too late to stop them from interfering with business continuity.

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Texas 1 Data Center Passes Third-Party PCI DSS Compliance Audit

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As anyone who has toured our data centers knows, our purpose-built facilities are extremely secure, and security procedures are strictly enforced. Though we’ve met PCI DSS requirements since Texas 1 opened for business in 2011, we are now officially certified by a third party for meeting PCI DSS requirements.

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Do You Know What's Under Your Data Center?

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You may have heard about data centers being built in 3-6 months from groundbreaking to commissioning. You’ve probably also seen buildings that are retrofitted to be data centers. There are advantages to these types of data center construction projects – they’re fast and cheap, and companies that need data center space ASAP can move in quickly. However, as you can imagine, much is sacrificed in the way of security, resiliency and redundancy when data centers are put together in a hurry. We devote a large portion of our data center construction timeline to what goes in the ground, months before the slab is even poured.

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We Are Building Texas 2: Our Next Purpose-Built Data Center

Tx2 rendering

We are excited to announce the construction of Texas 2, Data Foundry’s fifth Texas data center. Texas 2 will accompany Texas 1 on the Data Ranch at our headquarters in Austin, and will be 325,000 square feet upon completion of the final phase. Texas 2 will provide retail and wholesale colocation space, and it is designed to support high density deployments up to 50 kW per cabinet.

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