Proactive Disaster Recovery

One of the major highlights of Texas 1 is that it fully supports customer disaster recovery and business continuity planning. As you can see from our pictures, every step is being taken to reinforce the facility to be wind-proof, fire-proof, flood-proof and just overall remain fully operational in the event of a disaster.

Whether Texas 1 will be our client’s main production site or used as back-up site in the event their own facility is affected by a disaster, Texas 1 is engineered with premium disaster recovery in mind. Texas 1 will also allow clients to keep their business and operations running with its flexible dedicated worksite recovery space including dedicated seats, offices, and conference rooms.

2010 10 26 011
Support columns and an “inverted T” beam will support our
double-T roof structure against 160 mph winds
2010 10 26 017
Chiller plant room showing the underside of the Double-T roof
Aerial view of the generator farm – and beyond more reinforced concrete Caissons to support the customer offices and worksite recovery stations
IMG 1450 50,000 gallons of fuel stored in case of disaster.
2010 11 24 032 This area will house worksite recovery offices.
2010 10 26 028 Looking north down what will be “Main Street.”