2017: A Year in Review

2017 wrapup blog

This year we continued to experience growth in the Austin and Houston markets, and our newest data center, Texas 2, will be completed just in time to meet demand. Data Foundry continues to evolve as a colocation provider, expanding our portfolio of managed services and connectivity services in an effort to help our customers reach their business goals through IT strategies. We also faced an unexpected challenge this year as Hurricane Harvey lingered over Houston for three long days before slowly moving on its way.

Building Texas 2 in Austin

Our major project this year has been the construction of our Texas 2 data center in Austin. Phase I, which consists of 154,000 square feet of white floor and dedicated office space, will be completed in January. At full-build, Texas 2 will total 325,000 square feet, with a 36-MW power capacity. Texas 2 will also provide premier amenities, such as a presentation room that integrates with an outdoor patio space, conference rooms, showers, lockers, break room and other amenities to keep employees comfortable in case of extended stays. The facility will open its doors just in time to accommodate the area’s growing need for colocation.

Weathering Harvey Unscathed

At the end of August, Hurricane Harvey dumped over 40 inches of rain in the Houston area over a 3-4 day period. Governor Greg Abbott estimated the damages from Harvey to cost between $150 to $180 billion. To put that in perspective, Hurricane Katrina cost $108 billion and Sandy cost $65 billion. Despite the record flooding, both our Houston data centers stayed dry and on utility power. Our network also “didn’t skip a beat” as one of our customers commented on Facebook. Weathering the storm didn’t come without sacrifice, as our dedicated employees stayed in the data centers for several days with cots, food and supplies. We are so proud of our network and facilities teams for their vigilance and dedication. We’re also proud of our Austin team for coming together to provide supplies and donations for Houston and volunteering to help with whatever was needed.

Adding to Our Compliance Certifications

Although Texas 1 has met the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) since it opened for business in 2011, this year it became officially certified by a third party for meeting PCI-DSS requirements. Third-party verification saves companies time, so they do not have to conduct their own audits of our facility to satisfy their compliance requirements. In the coming year, Texas 2 and Houston 2 will also be PCI certified.

Data Foundry also sought an ISO certification in addition to already having met standards for SSAE 18 due to requests from our international customers that provide information services overseas. While compliance with SSAE standards is widely recognized in the U.S., ISO 27001 standards are the most internationally accepted for information security.

ISO 27001 compliance is an ongoing process that will result in the continuous improvement of Data Foundry’s Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). We are proud of our security staff for their dedication to this continuous improvement.

Enhancing Our Services Portfolio

In May, we launched a market-leading managed backup service powered by Commvault to provide customers with a secure, efficient and flexible backup solution. Our backup service allows companies to backup and recover terabytes of data in mere minutes. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers one of the best backup and data recovery services on the market.

Data Foundry’s CloudTap service provides a private, low-latency connection to major cloud providers, and it has been a popular add-on this year. This service continues to mature, and this year Data Foundry became an official Microsoft Azure Expressroute partner.

Launching our Advocacy Microsite

Data Foundry is highly involved in advocacy efforts that promote a free and open Internet as well as digital privacy. Back in February, we launched a new microsite dedicated to technology policy that serves as a means to educate and promote engagement in technology issues and influence policy-making in the direction of privacy protection, consumer choice and open and equal use of the Internet. The microsite also features policy scorecards that score technology legislation at the state level. The scorecards provide a quick way to learn about new technology policies and how they might affect our technology industry.

Supporting Net Neutrality & Fighting for an Open Internet

Along with our sister company Golden Frog, we have made strident efforts to oppose the FCC’s plan, led by Commissioner Ajit Pai, to repeal net neutrality rules that protect consumers and small businesses from unfair blocking and throttling of Internet traffic, and from discriminatory fees and preferential treatment that could be implemented by major cable and broadband providers to quash competition.

We’ve written and signed letters and legal briefs to the FCC, we’ve joined in official protests with partner organizations, and we’ve solicited our congressmen. The FCC’s vote to repeal net neutrality rules takes place December 14.

Looking Ahead

We are looking forward to another exciting year as we open Texas 2 and welcome more companies into the Data Foundry family. We wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a 2018 full of happiness and success!