Data Collection & Retention

Data collection is conducted through various means, including the use of RFID chips, geolocation tracking, online behavior tracking and more. We support legal controls on data collection, and we are against data collection without permission or probable cause. We believe this is a violation of privacy. We are also against the retention of data when no crimes have been committed. Law enforcement and government agencies should not be allowed to retain the data indefinitely. Lack of controls on data collection in the U.S. create an inhospitable environment for foreign companies to do business, which hinders growth.


We support the protection of encryption as a means to protect what is valuable, not to hide something illegal. Just as it was once common practice to store files in locked cabinets, companies and individuals must be allowed to protect their data with encryption. Encryption protects intellectual property and trade secrets. It protects sensitive consumer data, personal information and identities. Given the nature of technology and cyber criminals, we are against any policies or legislation that would allow the enforcement of encryption “backdoors”.

Open Market

We support legislation that protects open markets and equal opportunity to entry for all industries. Any system that protects monopolies and oligopolies hinders growth, innovation and progress, while protecting an open market fosters innovation and fair pricing.

Open Internet

We believe consumers should be able to use the network providers, platforms, applications, etc. of their choice without penalty. Access to an open Internet fosters innovation and progress. We believe the majority of U.S. consumers currently face a lack of options and unfair pricing when it comes to their network and content providers.