What’s a Purpose-Built Data Center & Why Does It Matter?

Purpose-built data centers (also known as greenfield data centers) are designed and constructed from the ground up for data center use. They can provide greater uptime, a higher level of security, reduced risk and more convenience for users.

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After reading our white paper Purpose-Built Vs Retrofitted Data Centers, you’ll be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are the advantages purpose-built data centers offer that retrofitted facilities can’t?
  • How are locations for purpose-built data centers strategically chosen?
  • What makes purpose-built facilities more weather-resilient than retrofitted facilities?
  • How are purpose-built facilities designed to be more secure and convenient for users and operators?

Purpose-Built Vs Retrofitted Data Centers will help you determine what kind of data center best meets your company’s standards for security and business continuity.

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