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Whether you need business-grade Internet access, a high-performance private data network or satellite pad access, Data Foundry has a full range of network services that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Data Foundry offers a blended Internet service that provides access to a minimum of four carriers at once. We also offer carrier-neutral access to your choice of network carriers. By combining best-in-class equipment, a redundant and diverse network infrastructure, and outstanding support, Data Foundry ensures the highest levels of availability and performance for our customers.

Blended Internet Access

Data Foundry offers a blended Internet service that provides access to a minimum of four carriers at once. Data Foundry’s blended bandwidth ensures the most efficient and reliable routing for network connectivity.

Blended Internet Access

Blended Internet Features:

  • Multi-layered Redundancy
  • Multiple High-capacity Fiber Networks
  • Best-in-class Equipment
  • 100% Network Headroom Policy

Data Foundry provides multiple bandwidth options including metered, flat-rate, burstable and Gig-E solutions.

Carrier-Neutral Access

Data Foundry’s global array of carrier-neutral data centers offers an unlimited number of carrier options. In addition to more than six of the world’s largest Internet backbones connecting directly into the TexasNAP®, we raise the bar on acceptable performance with a 100% network headroom policy. This means additional backbone and intra-network capacity is provisioned when we reach 50% utilization.

Cross-Connect Services

Carrier-Neutral Features:

  • Unlimited Number of Carrier Options
  • Diverse Carrier Entry
  • Competitive Pricing

Customers located inside any of our global facilities are able to seamlessly connect their deployments via their carrier of choice. Customers are also able to secure redundant cross-connects via diverse points of presence with carriers that are built out in our Texas based facilities. Our wide range of carrier options ensures you can select the best carrier to fit your unique needs.

Satellite Pad Access

In addition to blended Internet access and cross-connect services, Data Foundry also offers the option of satellite network connection.


Satellite Pad Features:

  • Concrete-reinforced Pads
  • Roof & Tower rights

If your business requires a satellite network connection, Data Foundry provides concrete-reinforced pads, as well as roof and tower rights.

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