Why Austin is the Safe and Smart Choice

Austin is in a region with low risk for natural disasters and exceptionally reliable energy. With a highly educated workforce available and a low cost of living, Austin is ideal for knowledge-based industries.


Low Incidence of Natural Disasters

More than 100 miles outside of Tornado Alley and 200 miles from the nearest coast, Austin is located in an area that is one of North America’s safest from the effects of natural disasters that could affect mission-critical operations.

Independent power grid

Texas is on its own power grid, regulated and managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). The Texas Interconnect supplies its own energy and is completely independent of the Eastern and Western Interconnects, where one state’s power decisions may affect all states.

High Quality Reliable Power: Austin Energy

Austin Energy, the city’s municipally-owned energy company, is the first energy provider in the nation to earn ISO-9001 (International Organization for Standardization) certification for the construction, maintenance and operation of its electric transmission and distribution system. ISO-9001 imposes the most demanding standards and quality of service resulting in high quality, highly reliable power. Many high-tech manufacturers and businesses have migrated to the Silicon Hills of Austin due to the high reliability of Austin’s energy.


Tax Incentives

Texas is one of a few states with no individual state income tax and no corporate income tax.

Low Cost of Living

Several studies, including a recent study from City-Data.com, indicate the cost of living in Austin is significantly less than the national average.

Austin Graduates

Young, Available Talent

Austin is often referred to as “The Human Capital” — abundant in young, educated workers.  40% of Austin’s residents above age 25 hold bachelor’s degrees.

Austin City Limits Festival

A city where people want to be

Austin is a fun and intelligent city, host to a wide range of family events, live music and nationally-renowned technology and entertainment events including South by Southwest and Austin City Limits festivals. Austin is consistently rated as a top city by respected publications:

  • Kiplinger 2010 #1 best city for the next decade for business
  • Portfolio.com 2010 #1 in best places for new jobs
  • Forbes 2010 top ten list for young professionals
  • Parenting Magazine top five list of best cities for families
  • Travel and Leisure ranks Austin against other U.S. cities as #2 for intelligence, #4 for friendliness #3 for athletic and active locals
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